Different Types of Plumbers


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There are 3 types of plumbers; Commercial plumbers, Residential plumbers, Service and Repair. Let’s shed some light on why they are different, because not every plumber is right for every job.

What us a Plumber?

When your water isn’t working in your home, or the toilets won’t flush in your office building, you might consider calling a plumber. Rightfully so. But what exactly is a plumber? A plumber is a professional who installs and repairs pipes and fittings of your plumbing systems which include the water supply, heating system, and sanitation. They are the people that make sure that your facilities work when you need them to. They ensure that the right pipes are in place and connected to the proper outlet.

Types of Plumbers


Commercial plumbers are trained and gain experience in large public plumbing systems such as schools, large shopping centers, and hospitals connected to large industrial equipment. They are responsible for installing, repairing, and maintaining pipes in commercial or industrial buildings. Usually a plumber working only commercial jobs will not have sufficient training and job experience in residential service and repair. A notable difference between a commercial plumber and a residential plumber is the number of pipes and outlets one has to account for.

With a residential plumbing job, there are significantly less pipes and outlets to deal with. Additionally, there is in most cases only two floors that have to be dealt with in a residential job. In commercial plumbing, there are more sinks and toilets and floors to handle. This could make the job more time consuming and cumbersome than if you called a plumber to come unclog your kitchen sink.

Something else to consider is the number of problems that a commercial plumber faces that a residential plumber doesn’t. Commercial plumbing is quite a bit more involved than fixing a leaky faucet or a simple pipe repair. Commercial plumbers put in extensive waste removal and water systems for large businesses. This could involve excavating trenches and laying pipelines that link the building to the local water main and sewage system.

Commercial plumbers are also instrumental in the maintenance of the systems that they have put into place. Maintenance is an essential part of a commercial plumber’s job. Making sure that the plumbing works in  a large office building is important because it could affect many more people than a plumbing failure in a small home.


Residential plumbers are the plumbers you think of when someone tells you to call a plumber. They train and gain experience by working on residential jobs such as new constructions and new additions to homes. Residential plumbers are usually tasked and become experts at installing pipe systems in residential homes. They can often lack the experience and training to pull off commercial jobs, but this makes them no less competent at fixing the plumbing at your home. In a way, plumbing is plumbing, but commercial plumbers require a level of knowledge that residential plumbers don’t need.


These plumbers are essential in making sure that the water and toilets work in your home. They troubleshoot and install plumbing mechanisms in your home to keep your home running smoothly. It is recommended that you call a residential plumber yearly to come out and check your plumbing system. The last thing you want is the toilet to stop working in the dead of winter; regular maintenance can help avoid catastrophes like this.


A service and repair plumber is the type of plumber you typically think about when your home or commercial business plumbing needs a repair. These plumbers receive technical training and have experience problem solving to solve the problem with the plumbing in your home or business. They must be more personable as they normally work directly with the client which is not normally a requirement for commercial or residential plumbers.


We have highly trained and experienced commercial and residential plumbers at PLUMCORE. For residential plumbing we perform only pipe repair and specialize in trenchless pipe lining, saving you time and money. For commercial plumbing needs, we are full-service commercial plumbers and specialize in pipe repair by using our trenchless pipe lining technology for our commercial clients.

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