Commercial Plumbing – How do I Choose the Right Plumbing Company for my Business?


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You have a severe leak in your company building, maybe due to a burst pipe, wear/tear, or root intrusion. How are you going to get this fixed in a timely manner, at the lowest cost possible with minimal disruption in the workplace? For the repair to go smoothly, you must choose the right plumbing company for your business.


Steps to Find the Right Commercial Plumbing Company

  • Obtain several inspections and quotes from several plumbing companies.
  • Have each plumbing company help determine the most efficient and cost-effective commercial plumbing process for your business.
  • Make sure the company has extensive experience with commercial plumbing systems and ask them about other similar jobs they have performed.
  • Ask about the process each plumbing company proposes, how long the process will take, and determine disruption to the workplace.
  • Choose the company that is highly experienced, will cause little to no work disruption, and has a reasonable price in comparison to other companies.


Commercial Plumbing Alternative – Trenchless Plumbing

Something else to think about when getting inspections and quotes on water/sewer system upgrades or repairs is alternative methods to the traditional “dig and replace” method. These traditional methods can be extremely expensive and disruptive to your business, so maybe it’s time to look at an alternative method to plumbing. Commercial Trenchless Pipe Lining may be your answer. What is trenchless pipe lining and why is it different?


Trenchless Pipe Lining

Trenchless Pipeline Lining is a highly efficient and minimally invasive process involving the repair or replacement of an existing pipe without having to dig it up and replace it. The technology has quickly become the preferred method for rehabilitating aging, failing water and sewer infrastructure and should be considered your first option for any municipal water infrastructure repairs.


How Plumcore Can Help

We are extremely experienced in commercial pipe lining and specialize in trenchless pipe lining services. Plumcore services all of Birmingham, AL and surrounding areas. Some of our focus areas are: Birmingham, Homewood, Mountain Brook, Trussville, Vestavia, and Hoover. Please contact us with any questions or request an inspection/quote today!

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