Trench-less Pipe Lining; the cure for Root Intrusion.


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If you have been faced with the monotonous task of having your underground pipes replaced, this method to underground pipe repair is sure to save you time and countless headaches.
Just about everyone has trees in their yard.  Trees are great, they absorb potentially harmful gasses and release oxygen, for all of our breathing needs.  What’s not to love?  Root intrusion, that’s what not to love.  If you have trees near any of your underground pipes, you are at risk of root intrusion.  Cast iron pipes can corrode, and PVC/ABS pipes are jointed by adhesive that can wear.  Cast iron pipes are most commonly where you can see root intrusion, because of how susceptible they are to corrosion.  PVC and ABS are the least likely candidates for root intrusion, but if a pipe cracks, or the adhesive wears, it is a possible outcome.
Don’t panic, you have another option.  This option is greatly preferred over the traditional method, which used to require an order of sod from your nearest sod farm to get it back to normal. Whether you are in a residential or commercial location, Trench-less Pipe Lining is the solution.  

Trench-less lining is a minimally invasive way to repair underground pipes that have fallen victim to root intrusion and many other types of unexpected causes.  Simply put, the process is creating a new pipe within the existing pipe.  A durable epoxy lining is inserted into the existing pipe, restoring the functionality and increasing its longevity.
This process is quite painless.  You no longer have to dig up the pipes and follow the procedure with a call to the landscaper.  The pipes stay underground while this procedure takes place.  This results in less manpower involved to complete the job, and less time to finish.  Ultimately, you will spend less money, and have your problem fixed in a timely fashion. 

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