“Silent” Plumbing Issues That Need Professional Solutions


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PLUMCORE can not only assist you with the installation and maintenance of all your plumbing, but can provide the help you may need when you encounter a problem with your commercial plumbing system. These problems may be obvious, like faucet leaks and breaks or maybe you think there is an issue but you still aren’t quite sure exactly what is going on. If you suspect there is some kind of issue with your plumbing system, it is always best to give us a call so we can diagnose it before the problem grows any larger. Here are some common “silent” plumbing issues that may be affecting your system:

Water Temperature: Do you notice that the water coming out of the faucets is too hot or too cold? This could indicate that your water heater needs an adjustment. Never try to adjust your water heater on your own because if there is a leak somewhere the heater could explode, causing catastrophic injuries. Let someone at PLUMCORE safely inspect your water heater.

Water Pressure: When the water comes out of the faucet in a trickle or slower than usual, this is due to low water pressure. This is most commonly due to issues with your city’s water supply. However, if the city says that there aren’t any water main issues, low water pressure can indicate a leak somewhere in the pipes. Contact us for a proper pipe inspection as soon as possible.

Sewer Smells: Sewer gas can enter your commercial property through floor drains, blocked roof vents, or through cracks in foundations. These gases typically smell like ammonia or sulfur and some are even toxic. If you notice a smell coming out of your sewer system, call us for a full inspection.

Slow drains: People using your commercial plumbing system may sometimes flush or pour things down the drains that are unable to pass through the pipes completely. This gradually causes a back up and a not so fun clean up. Caustic drain cleaners and other DIY remedies are not recommended in commercial plumbing systems, as they can cause damage to the pipes themselves. Call PLUMCORE and have one of our licensed professionals correctly remove any blockages.
Most of the issues mentioned above come from normal wear and tear on your commercial plumbing system. This is why routine, scheduled maintenance, done by the professionals of PLUMCORE can potentially save you thousands of dollars in repair costs. Contact us today to schedule a quote on a new system, repairing a current system or to schedule your routine maintenance.

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