How Sewer Video Inspection Can Protect You When Purchasing a Home


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Your home connects to the city’s sewer system by a pipe that connects into the main. Although the city or town maintains the sewer itself, the connection from the main to your house is your responsibility. If your pipe gets damaged and sewage backs up the line, you’re on the hook.

Don’t get an unwelcome surprise after you move into your new home. Plumbers can conduct a sewer video inspection to learn about the status of your pipes and whether you have anything to worry about. They will send a specialized video camera into the system to get a first-hand look at clogs, cracks, roots and other signs of trouble.

The Benefits of a Sewer Video Inspection

During a typical house-buying process, you bring in an inspector to go through the property to make sure you aren’t closing on a house with serious issues. A sewer video inspection gives you the same peace of mind for the sewer system. With this type of inspection, you will know exactly what you’re dealing with, rather than having your discovery remain hidden until the entire house smells like a swamp.

How Sewer Video Inspections Protect You

You have a lot of leverage at the negotiation table if the sewer video inspection discovers problems with the pipes. If you don’t mind handling the necessary repairs yourself, you can put in a reduced offer that covers the estimated cost of fixing the sewer connection, rerouting the line or performing other maintenance tasks.

You have two options if you don’t want to risk sewage showing up in the middle of the night after the house purchase. The first is putting in an offer that’s contingent on the seller resolving the issue before you take possession. The second is simply looking at other listings in the neighborhood. Talk to your real estate agent to see which option makes the most sense for the local market conditions.

Don’t roll the dice and hope that the sewer lines beneath the home of your dreams are fine. Find out for certain with a sewer video inspection.

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