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Sanitary Sewers

Sanitary sewers are located within 30″ outside of a building. The sewers consist of lateral pipes and main line pipes. Within these pipes, raw sewage is transferred from the point of origin to a sewage treatment facility for processing. The two most common types of sanitary sewers, gravity sewers and forced sewers, are used in conjunction to transmit and contain raw sewage and assist in eliminating environmental pollution. PLUMCORE Inc. can has the resources to accommodate new installation, repairs, cleanings, removals, testing, rehab-linings and camera work on pipes of all sizes.

Storm Sewer

Storm sewers collect rainwater and discharge it into streams, creeks, rivers, waterbodies or treatment facilities. Parking lots, buildings, industrial sites and wide range of other development types must incorporate a storm water system in order to meet governmental or local authority requirements. Storm sewers / designed storm systems consist of head walls, piping, storm sewer man holes, catch basins, lift stations, settlement ponds, and cisterns. The plumbing experts at PLUMCORE Inc can handle any type of storm sewage installation or repair to ensure proper drainage occurs at your business or property.

Domestic Water / Fire Water

These portable water systems are connected to a water treatment plant that supplies buildings with water when a fire emergency occurs. These systems consist of BFPs, RPZs, PRVs, taps, meters, main line installs, lateral installs, vaults, fire hydrants, valves, pumps, chemical feeders, and VFD controls, which are items we take for granted during our everyday faucet usage and feeding water to a fire protection system in an office building.

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