Top 4 Reasons to Use Pipe Relining For Sewer Pipe Repair


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Do you need a commercial or residential sewer pipe repair? If so, you may be thinking of calling a local plumber to get a quote for traditional sewer pipe repairs. Before you do that, give us a chance to explain why that may not be in your best interest. Today we are going to give you 4 reasons why pipe relining is a great option for you over traditional sewer pipe repair services.

Why Choose Pipe Relining?


Replacing damaged pipes means digging up the ground to take out the pipe and replace it with the new one. To get down to the pipe takes an incredible amount of manpower and resources. The process of pipe relining is much less intensive than other methods because unlike traditional sewer pipe repair methods, it does not require digging and excavation. Instead an epoxy liner is used to recoat the inside of the pipe. This means you avoid a damaged landscape and interruptions during the repair.


Pipe relining saves on cost significantly because it requires much less digging. You won’t have to pay to fix your damaged landscape, and the materials used to reline the piping are much less expensive. The amount of time and manpower is also reduced so you get to save money on labor costs.


Why is pipe relining so durable? With pipe relining, the old pipe is not taken out but used as a guide where the new tubing is inserted and then inflated, creating a pipe within a pipe or double protection.


With no digging or pipe replacement, pipe lining is extremely time efficient and it is possible to complete the repair in a single day vs weeks for traditional methods.

PLUMCORE Pipe Relining

Hopefully, we were able to enlighten you on pipe relining today! We have our own professional pipe relining services for both commercial and residential pipe repair. Give us a shout if you feel we may be able to help you out. Explanation of our full Trenchless pipe lining Process here.

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