Pipe Leaks and Their Consequences


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What kind of damage can pipe leaks cause? Today, we explore pipe leaks, serious plumbing issues, signs of a pipe leak, and consequences of missing or ignoring a pipe leak in a home or business.


Common Leaks

Common leaks are those leaks you don’t want to pay attention to, but it is better to be safe than sorry in these cases. Here is a list of common Leaks:

-Tub/Shower Leaks

-Drain Leaks

-Toilet Leaks

-Constantly running toilets

-Leaking Faucets

Consequences of missing a common leak

Common leaks can cause thousands in damage and take valuable time out of your life or business operations. Small leaks can potentially still cause major damage over time. When you see what you may think is a common leak, it is best to investigate. If you are not able to assess the damage, it is highly suggested to call a professional for inspection before the damage worsens.


Serious Plumbing issues

For many reasons, serious plumbing leaks need to be fixed immediately. Here is a list of serious plumbing leaks:

-Cracked Pipes

-Cracked or damaged sewer lines

-A leaking water heater

-Corroded Pipes

-Pipe Burst

-Tree Root Intrusion Damage

Consequences of Serious Plumbing issues

Serious plumbing issues along with the foundation damage, are a serious risk for personal safety. If power to the leaking area is not turned off, there can be extreme hazards to anyone who is nearby. With Sewage leaks the problems are 2-fold. The water damage is an issue but the bacteria that flows with it can cause serious health concerns. Without proper precautions it can cause a variety of health issues. Root intrusion into sewer pipe is reported to cause 50% of all sewer blockages, and if not addressed can cause backup into the septic field. Many of these problems cannot be avoided, so contacting professionals that have experience in all of these areas should take priority.


Signs of a Pipe Leak

You always want to be vigilant about leaks in your home. Here is a list of signs that you may have a pipe that is leaking or on the brink of failing:

-Discolored water, normally brown

-Soaked or wet carpet

-Low water pressure/flow

-Sewage system backing up

-Mildew smells from the walls and ceiling

-Dripping water noises

-Constant clogging

If any of these signs are present, the problem needs to be traced and fixed before the damage is extended.


Plumbing Leak Detection Services

Plumcore has state of the art equipment which is used to detect commercial plumbing leaks. We do not second guess about the condition of the customers plumbing system when hired. Plumcore prides themselves as highly trained plumbers, and are confident in getting the job done correctly the first time.

For best quality commercial leak repair services available all throughout: Birmingham, Homewood, Hoover, Mountain Brook, Trussville, Vestavia, and many other areas call Plumcore.

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