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3 Reasons to have your sewer lines checked before winter!

1 Checking Identifies Problems before they become expensive to fix

During winter, plant roots tend to burst sewer lines in search of water because surface water is already frozen. It is, therefore, important to have sewer lines checked before winter to ascertain that there are no materials blocking the drainage or roots trying to penetrate the lines.

Fix Any Leaking Lines And Pipes

The Months before winter can be a nightmare for sewer systems. This is because the scorching heat causes pipes to expand and contract irregularly resulting in cracks. Low temperatures cause sewer pipes to contract and in the process, the small crack can turn into something big which can be a menace to a homeowner. It is for this reason that sewer lines must be checked annually!

3 Preventive Maintenance Procedures

Inspecting your sewer lines before winter is important so as to carry out preventive maintenance. Preventive maintenance procedures can cost you pennies compared to the cost of a major sewer system replacement that would stem from leaving your sewer lines un-inspected before the winter season.

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